An alternative to the plans of the Democrats

The response to the initiative, “Medicare for all” was the development of the White house measures aimed primarily at the resolution of import of certain drugs from Canada, which will reduce their cost for approximately 44 million members of this program.

And it is possible that we will take additional decisions that will not only make health services more accessible, but no less important, politically, to seize the initiative from the Democrats positioning themselves as the only defenders of the rights of patients.

The President, Donald trump thinks “Medicare for all”, that is, the creation of a universal system of state insurance and possibly the cancellation of private insurance policies, “the socialist idea”, which will only lead to higher costs. Opponents suspect him of wanting to cut funding for Medicare and repeal the Affordable Care Act.

However, the latter will inevitably cease to have effect and in that case, if the Democrats manage to implement their plans. But while Senator Elizabeth Warren assured during the debates between the presidential candidates: “We, unlike Republicans, do not intend to deprive anyone of access to health services”.

Among the further steps the administration can also be actions aimed at promoting Medicare Advantage plans, created in collaboration with private companies, which are currently about 22 million people. An important role can be played by additional efforts aimed at lowering costs for Medicare, particularly due to the abuse. And finally, on the agenda of the President actions designed to reduce the cost of visits in the outpatient clinic, which while can sometimes be more expensive than a visit to conventional hospitals.

In principle, the implementation of such programs can benefit both the government and patients — and curiously, will not be in this case, the embossed cards from the hands of the Democrats, for which health issues is a topic for the discussion in which they are only gaining political points…
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