The struggle is against the rules

Liberals are just scared that in case of victory in 2020 Donald trump will turn into a real dictator, ignoring laws and court decisions, and the loss will refuse to transfer power to his successor. Recently they moved to concrete action to strongly complicate the incumbent President in the election campaign.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom signed a law that prohibits to include in the ballot the names of candidates who have not published their tax returns. And since it is a trump, as you know, refuses to reveal his statements, he may deny the right to participate in primaries in this state.

The problem is that in the Constitution there is no mention that the applicant must publish the tax return. This is only an unwritten tradition, and voters, of course, have full right to evaluate, properly fed policies that do not comply.

But the authorities of the States through their own laws to Supplement the constitutional requirements for candidates — they have to confirm only their age, place of residence and citizenship. And therefore very high chances that lawyers trump will achieve cancellation of the decision, signed by the Californian Governor.

That is why his predecessor Jerry brown in 2017 vetoed a similar bill. “First of all, it can be unconstitutional,” it was stressed in the rationale, which makes sense to quote more extensively.

“Secondly, the appearance of the additional conditions precedent that, brown said. — What more can be asked of the candidates, except for tax reporting? Their history in 5 years? Birth certificate? A report on progress in school? Will depend on the emergence of such requirements which political party is in power? The right of a candidate to make his name on the ballot is the basis for our democratic system. That is why I am opposed to in every state for the presidential candidates have set requirements that may not be the same”.

Now will not cause much surprise if, for example, in Alabama or Missouri Republicans make up the majority in the legislatures, will take bills, creating problems for the candidates of the Democratic party. Moreover, the California bill does not have much practical significance, since it applies only to primaries, but does not prohibit is not allowed policy to them to be included in the newsletter for the final vote if he becomes the candidate of the party.

And yet this decision deserves special attention because it shows how eager Democrats are trying to do everything to trump was not re-elected. For this they are willing to go for violation of political rules and even constitutional norms. But what if instead of spending time and energy on such attempts to do it the old fashioned way and look for a candidate who will be more popular than the current President? In other words, allow all to decide for themselves to voters.

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