Clashes between demonstrators in Portland ended without casualties

Last Saturday in downtown Portland at the same time there were demonstrations opposing the demonstrators – right and anti-fascists known as “Antifa”. On the streets more than 1 thousand people. No local fights no cost – the city authorities have reported several casualties, but their condition does not cause fears of physicians. 13 protesters from both sides were detained. They seized gas canisters, shields, batons, and other weapons.


However, serious casualties, which is feared by the Portland police, clashes between demonstrators has brought. The authorities managed to separate the crowd left and right so that the opposing activists were on opposite sides of the living barrier, organized by the law enforcement.


Recall, the reason rally in Portland has become strained in recent months, the confrontation between the extreme right and extreme left forces. Not so long ago first demanded the authorities to recognize the “anti-fascist” terrorist group that has caused extreme indignation of the left.


President trump has reacted to events in Portland, writing on Twitter that “extreme care has been taken to declare anti-fascist “terrorist group“.

It is unclear what he meant — because in the USA there is no mechanism that would allow the state to recognize local terrorist organization.

Leaders of right-wing forces in Portland was pleased with the effect produced by the demonstrators. They stated that “the President spoke about Portland, said watching Antifa. That’s all we wanted to achieve“.

Leftists, however, believe that the victory in this confrontation on their side. Eric K. ward, Executive Director of the Center of the Western States, said that “Portland has won today, and far-right leaders such as Joey Gibson and Joe Biggs lost“. According to him, the right has not achieved anything, the mess and chaos was not as anti-fascists, in contrast, has attracted attention.

Wheeler, the mayor of the city, said at a press conference Saturday night that Biggs and all who support hatred or violence, are not welcome in Portland.

“We don’t want to see it here in my town. Point”, — said Wheeler.

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