Infectious diseases doctor warned contact with Alla werber people about the dangers of

According to the doctor, people who had contact with Alla Verber, may be at increased risk.

Meningococcal disease, which has left the life of Alla Verber, characterized by high mortality. According to the Director Scientifically-information centre on the prevention and treatment of viral infections George Vikulova, doctors had little chance to provide effective help to the patient, because the survival rate in such cases is almost nearing zero

The expert stressed that people communicate with the business lady in the last days of her life are at risk, “the League news Russia” with reference to “Russian conversation

The infectious disease doctor explained that there is a new stamp of the meningococcus – W135. For a long period, the bacteria can live in an inactive state in the upper respiratory tract and manifest only a slight runny nose.

Certain circumstances can make the bacteria active, and then the Central nervous system with subsequent severe bacterial meningitis. In meningococcal sepsis the causative agent of the aggressive spreading in the blood. In such cases, there is the most severe form of meningococcal disease.

Meningococcal sepsis is an infectious disease, so people that have been in contact with Alla werber, ought to be examined. Most often disease is transmitted by airborne droplets.

Alla werber died in Italy on 6 August during the holidays. She became ill after a dinner with seafood. The funeral Alla Weber will be held on August 14 in Toronto.

Also in a recent interview Malakhov, Alla werber has admitted that he was terminally ill.
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