The scientists were able to decipher the alien message 2007

In the research world has managed to unravel the phenomenon of a signal of extraterrestrial origin dated 2007.

It was established that the above pulse has managed to overcome about 46 billion light years on the way to the destination. These inferences was done on the basis of an automated system for collecting FRB, which is the property of the University of Swinburne. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

According to Wael Farah, in the earthly nature, there is no body that can overcome the half of the visible part of the Universe, distance measurement which ends at around 93 billion light years. In the understanding of experts in the field of UFOlogy such signals could be a suicide note, after all received identical radio astrophysics in 2007. It turns out that message, depending on the type of range in near space, come to Earth faster, but for the people from the depths of the Universe, such a distance is deadly.

Even the most optimistic forecasts say that the senders of these anomalies was not destined to survive to the present day. It is likely that the note referred to threats that may cause destruction of the Blue planet.

First it was reported that the famous comet was filed by strange radio signals. Recall that the moon found the antenna for transmission of radio signals.
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