Had a fight with a neighbor

Poor relations Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her colleagues, Jody Hayes, Republican from Georgia, with which they share the same office in the House of representatives. “When we see each other at work, are you trying to pretend that you like me. Passive aggression is a way of life,” said Ocasio-Cortez.

This statement was a response to the words of Hayes that her colleague deliberately introduced misled the public by telling about the conditions of detention of migrants on the Border Patrol, where they allegedly forced to collect water from the toilet. Congresswoman demonstrated that this is not the case by posting a video in which she takes on water at the same time entering drinking fountains, wash basins and the Sewerage system.

“Alexandria has provided wrong information,” said Heiss and drank a glass of water, and in another video described as “Walmart” miniature warehouse where migrant has everything you need – including socks, clothes and toothbrushes.

It all started with the fact that on 1 July Ocasio-Cortez, visiting the Border Patrol, published in Twitter is evidence that officers allegedly counseled detained immigrants “to drink from the toilets.” The next day, when users have suggested that water is simultaneously supplied to all needs, she published a photograph of the toilet, explaining that on the day of their visit, the drain is simply not working.

Anyway, the conditions of detention of immigrants at the border with Mexico, causing more complaints, and the inspector General of the Department of homeland security called the situation a “running bomb”. Since then these centres have been several delegations of members of Congress, who confirmed that the situation there leaves much to be desired.

Larisa Talevich

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