The doctor from Miami pierced the intestine women in 8 places during Brazilian butt lift

Don Bumpus from Kentucky flew to Miami to do a risky but very popular procedure: the “Brazilian butt lift”. She went to the clinic, New Life Plastic Surgery Dr. Harry Insulo, which is famous in Instagram as Dr. Slimthick. During the operation, 23 Jul plastic surgeon punctured a intestinal Bumphus in 8 places: two days later the woman was hospitalized in the intensive care unit where she is now fighting for his life.

Dr. Slimthick 27 thousand followers, he often shares in tape a photo of their successful operations and recommends to use the services of the clinic, New Life. At the clinic Inchul was listed as the head of plastic surgery at Coral Gables Hospital, the world’s first fellow in aesthetic surgery and breast reconstruction at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and associate Professor of surgery at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

A large part of the merit of the physician was rigged

Don Bumphus, the bus driver and a single mother with 3 children, according to her mother’s Miami Herald, a year mulling over the decision to make yourself popular in Florida the procedure “Brazilian butt lift”. After reviewing numerous merits and regalia of a plastic surgeon, reading recommendations and client testimonials, she chose Dr. Slimthick without hesitation.

Brazilian butt lift removes fat from the abdomen and back liposuction. Then the fat is processed and injection into the buttocks. Last year, after a similar operation, performed by another surgeon but the same hospital the woman died. This is a controversial and dangerous procedure. The NBC investigation showed that more than a dozen women died after a butt lift and a half-dozen were hospitalized with life-threatening complications.

During the operation Bumpus damaged the intestines, making at least 8 punctures. After two days the woman was taken from intensive care in serious condition with internal infection and spent her emergency surgery. At the moment she is still fighting for his life.

Today, the website of the surgeon partially edited. Fictional merit no

The Miami Herald checked the biography of Dr. Harry Insula and found that at the clinic it was replaced, removing those services, which were rigged.

As it turned out, he was not the head of plastic surgery at the hospital in coral Gables. A hospital spokesman said that such a position does not exist. Insitol just can perform operations in a hospital Coral Gables.

With the clinic’s website also disappeared from the record that Instul associate Professor of surgery of the University which is administered by the Federal government. Sharon K. Holland, Deputy Vice President for external Affairs, said that can not find any record of that Instul ever worked there. None of those with whom she spoke, never heard of the man.

The status of “the world’s first specialist in aesthetic surgery and breast reconstruction” is also untrue. In Chicago they found no record of Dr. Insole.

Four years of training in plastic surgery at the University of Missouri-Columbia” also turned out to be fiction.

Instul previously worked in new York. In January last year he received a license for medical services in Florida. On, website for those looking for a plastic surgeon, he has 66 reviews and rating 4.7 out of 5 stars.

A series of reports NBC 6 helped in the adoption of a new law in Florida that will take effect next year. According to him, in case of death or serious injury licensed doctor will be able to withdraw urgently. In addition, the Medical Council of Florida adopted an emergency rule prohibiting doctors from enter the fat too deeply under the skin of the patient in muscles. The rule came into force on 27 July, after the surgery, don Bumpus.
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