Macron explained the difference between “yellow jackets” and the Moscow protests

During a meeting with Vladimir Putin 19 Aug Emmanuel macron said that a comparison between the stock “yellow jackets” and the Moscow protests are meaningless.

“Those who came to protest (in France), participated freely in the elections. Those who are called “yellow jackets”, freely participated in the elections to the European Parliament, and they will participate in municipal elections. And I like that they freely expressed in elections, because it reduces tension. We are in a country where people are free to speak out, to demonstrate. The only thing we can’t — riots and violations of public order,” said Emmanuel macron.

The French President also stressed that France complies with its Constitution, including the right to demonstrate. As well as that the French citizens who feel their rights have been violated, can appeal to the ECHR.

Emmanuel macron on the “yellow jackets” and the protests in Moscow

The President (Putin) is right that allows to speak about essential differences of the situations in our countries. Everywhere in our countries today held demonstrations. But here’s what is important: if we took a sovereign decision to join (international) contracts, we have them. We — both Russia and France — have signed the agreement, jointly deciding that freedom of speech, of expression and of demonstration, freedom to participate in elections observed in our democracies. Therefore, France this summer and wished it to be so, including the situation in Moscow. Since many were worried and continue to worry about the arrests and the possibility of free participation in elections and actions to unblock the situation. President Putin spoke about the demonstrations in France with the violence. Many of the demonstrators themselves injured, even heavy. Severe injuries and the police. Naturally, this causes my concern. However, France has always kept its own Constitution, and law adopted by the Council of Europe. All French citizens can apply to the ECHR and to protect their rights. Freedom of Assembly is protected. Some attempt on the public order. A protection order is a correlate of freedom demonstrations. I want to emphasize that in France — and therefore, the comparison does not make sense — those who participated in the demonstrations, and then freely participate in the elections. “Yellow jackets” participated in elections to the European Parliament, and then will participate in municipal elections. And it’s very good. I want they freely expressed in elections, because it reduces conflict. In our country people are free to speak, free to participate in demonstrations, to freely go to the polls. The only thing we cannot allow is that they should have made pogroms and violated public order. Because it interferes with the freedom of all others. This is the difference between freedom, which is guaranteed by the Constitution and the ECHR and involves the public order, and violation of the principles of freedom, when the freedom of others is limited. These situations need always to distinguish. And how, member countries of the Council of Europe we must monitor compliance with these principles. We will discuss: can people — keeping public order — to hold meetings, to Express their views and to participate in elections.

Before that, answering a question of the journalist of BFM TV about the hundreds of detainees in the protests in Moscow and arrests of opposition leaders, Vladimir Putin has remembered the victims and the victims on the stock “yellow jackets.” According to Vladimir Putin, in connection with the stock “yellow jackets” 11 people died:

According to the data of the project Check News of the newspaper Libération, eight people were killed in road accidents during road stock “yellow jackets”, one woman died on the operating table after she touched the tear with a grenade (in this moment the woman closed the shutters), two men, died of a heart attack. As the newspaper notes, the last two men at a time when they had an attack, there were demonstrations, but “nothing suggests that their deaths are somehow tied to these events.”

Vladimir Putin for the first time commented on the protests in Moscow. The events of 27 July and 3 August he described as “riots” associated with the electoral cycle. “Citizens have the right to peaceful protests, and the authorities must ensure the realisation of these rights”, — said the President of Russia. “But no one — neither the government nor any group of citizens — has the right to violate the current law and bring the situation to an absurdity or to clashes with the authorities”, — said Putin.

He recalled that the previous elections to the Moscow city Duma were not allowed more than one hundred candidates and advised unregistered candidates to defend their rights in court. He also noted that there are precedents for the unregistered candidate is ultimately recorded through the court. Apparently, Vladimir Putin was referring to the candidate from the party “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin.

Vladimir Putin spoke about the arrests of a number of unregistered candidates and about “Moscow case”, the persons who have become 13 people.
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