Archaeologists have found in the Crimea mysterious find, and were surprised – frames

The uniqueness of the object that the grave is not lined with slabs, and carved in a solid piece of stone.

Archaeologists on the excavation of the ancient city of Myrmekion in Kerch found a mysterious empty sarcophagus, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to RIA “Novosti”.

The singularity of a mysterious burial in that grave carved in the piece of stone is a small stone sarcophagus that does not correspond to early time. The most common grave, lined with slabs.

Another feature of the findings is that the sarcophagus was empty, and covering the grave stone plate remained nepotrivita.

Experts suggest that here was poured out the ashes of the deceased at cremation. According to another version, the empty grave could be made in memory of the deceased person in other lands.

The detected object belongs to the second half of the VI century BC.

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