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One of the most successful ICO projects

Одни из самых успешных ICO проектов

Imagine you’re walking down the street and find a bill of $10. A small bonus given to you by fate itself. How best to dispose of the money? Instead spend the money on a latte at Starbucks, you can invest in ICO.

Your coffee will not grow in the price in 50 times.. but some ICO this. It’s called “minimum risk with high reward.”

Despite this, only 20% of ICO, was released in November traded at a price exceeding the original cost. Many people lost money. Most of these ICO was common fraud.

When choosing the placement of the coins for investment, you should pay attention to:

-an experienced team of managers

-a strong partnership

-advanced technology

leading investment funds supporting the project

Here is a small list of projects that deserve your attention (this is not investment advice).

ElonCity (ECT) seeks to transform our energy system, turning it into millions of local micro-networks in which homeowners will be able to produce, store and trade in renewable energy. Token Melnitsa with Protocol “proof of energy storage” (Proof of Stored Power/POSP). Although the startup has not released even a beta test, it is supported by dozens of private investment funds.

Zapaygo (ZAP) is an application that simplifies the ordering of goods and services for consumers, optimizing and increasing the efficiency of service and delivery for the operators. Using the application, you can enjoy anything from shipping to almost anywhere in the world. Now you will not miss your favourite love scene, and it doesn’t hurt to enjoy her other viewers, because the popcorn and coke delivered to your site (and possibly in the future, your order will be delivered by drone). At the moment the project has a contract for more than 10 years with the largest organiser of events in Europe, as well as a pretty good team.

WatchUGot (WUG) – the application that reinvents the charity with the help of the blockchain. Using the model GoFundMe and patterns of social networking, the app encourages the community to send part of their income to charity. Users can publish the story that describes their financial problems, and donors can track the further destiny of their donations.

Terra Virtua (TVA) – the virtual reality platform that uses the Netflix subscription model to sell games, movies, etc. the head of the gaming branch of the project, Gary Brace, heads the team of game industry veterans who have worked with PlayStation, Microsoft Studios and Electronic Arts.

Soundeon (SOUNDEON) – a musical platform through which to launch a career in music, invest in music, and also to produce the rising stars. Individual artists can run their own sales of tokens to Finance their own projects. Investors automatically receive a share of the royalties from music sales and concerts, and also can trade the rights to them.

Liquidity Network has collected some of the best specialists in their fields, so they were able to develop 10000 tx/s blockchain with free transactions, instant transfers, and no queues. Acne Buterin, he said, is eagerly awaiting the launch of this network.

Ledgity by 2022, according to the organizers ICO, STO will represent 90% of $10 trillion capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. Ledgity is a platform where shares, debentures, and other securities can be licenzirovanie. In addition, the developers have created a wallet called Ledgity Wallet, as well as our own tool for tokenization.

Solana – at a speed 710000 tx/s Solana, in theory, can control the blockchain exchanger at speeds comparable to NASDAQ and to process transactions at speeds that are comparable with Mastercard. Platform scales according to Moore’s law and is very cheap ($0.000001 per transaction).


The portal ForkNews is in no way affiliated with the above-mentioned projects, and have not received money from them for advertising. Investing, you should be aware of and be prepared to take the risk. Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
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