“Hubble” captures the process of the death star

«Хаббл» запечатлел процесс гибели звезды

Orbital Observatory “Hubble” captures the process of the death star in the constellation “Gemini”. It is reported portal

Initially astronomers believed that the picture shows two objects — they are visible in the lower-left and upper-right corners of the screen. Later they were United into one body — planetary nebula, called NGC 2371/2.

“Hubble” has received photos of a giant cosmic “embryo”

It was formed when a sun-like star, exploded and was thrown into the space of their components. The result was a superheated stellar remnant that is visible in the center of the frame.

It is noted that this nebula is filled with dense knots of gas in a rapidly moving and changing the direction of flow. Residual star emits radiation that excites the gas, causing it to glow.

Scientists assume that part of this “picture” will be in motion several thousand years. Then the star will cool and fade.

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