Journalist Kazantsev sold her eggs to charity

In Moscow for the first time made a registered sale of eggs — from science journalist ASI Kuznetsova. Implement your own biomaterial in the open crowdfunding site young woman did with a purpose charity. Lot “Egg ASI Kuznetsova” value of 90 thousand rubles was held on the website of the educational Foundation “Evolution” long. Buyer, or rather shopper, found in a few hours.

Журналистка Казанцева продала свою яйцеклетку в благотворительных целях

Like anything unusual — men and women have long been donors of sperm and oocytes. But asin the story literally shocked the public. In social networks why not just write her address and “callous” and “corrupt” and even “who needs her egg!”. People have confused the call of the sacred, the PR on that is usually kept secret. It is a challenge to society, no doubt. But for what? To find out, we talked to by the donor.

— Asya, tell us a little about yourself.

Since I’m almost 33, and children, I do not want, I decided to freeze eggs and embryos. Technology conservation cells for 15 years gives me the ability to temporarily not to think about having children. It so happened that my idea coincided with a proposal to come up with another funny lot, which would help the Fund raise money for the promotion of science. During the discussion lots the question was asked if there are people willing to put their sperm. I said that I don’t have sperm, but eggs I really was going to freeze.

— Who bought the egg?

— No name, no other details about the customer I have no right to access. This is a woman who is preparing next year to become a mother using IVF. She’s fine with my health, but because of the age she would like to insure my egg. The recipient (the so-called people who use a foreign biomaterial biologists. — N. In.) could choose an anonymous donor, but she preferred to know who takes the material, and this option she was offered. I think it’s a good story when people get to know me in advance, decides to use my eggs.

But you will pass on their genes, and thus, your appearance, your character… you Do not eknet heart, when you see the baby?

— I see this child or not will depend on the decision of his mother. As far as I know, most of the people who received children through modern reproductive technologies, prefer not to spend them in details, at least until adulthood.

— What is the procedure to transfer oocytes? You have made them a fence?

— This will not happen before autumn of next year. Now I go to study. Two months prior to egg retrieval in 2020 I’ll have to come to the clinic to complete all necessary tests, including genetic, course hormone injections for the formation of a greater number of eggs. The name sounds a lot “one egg”, but in fact there may be 10 or 12. Half of them I will freeze for my future and the second half will give the recipient. Before putting the cells we will get to know the customer, to communicate. We will need time to synchronize our cycles — that cells came to it fresh, without freezing, if she wants to use them immediately. I want to note that the procedure of collection of cells is not less than 200 thousand rubles, and that amount I have to pay out of pocket if the hospital finds it possible to do it for free. And the money that is transferred the customer will be used solely to support talented scientists.

— Asya, but if the recipient decide to use a cage on purpose and just throw them away?

— I will treat this calmly. She bought them, she may do with them what you want.

Then there are the ethical issues you are not too concerned?

— I’m a research journalist and I see it in the desacralization.

— So you would agree to sell their eggs to anyone, even a stranger?

— Absolutely. I believe that this technology donation gives equal rights to both men and women. After all, the men who share their sperm with women is not always well imagine who they will get.

And another question: how have your parents reacted to your lot?

— Parents are treated normally, partner. They are not the first know me.
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