In California obstetrician-gynecologist perforated the uterus of the mother, and she died

Medical Board of California filed a lawsuit to revoke the license of Dr. Arthur Park because of the negligence that led to the death of mothers a few hours after birth.

A lawsuit filed last week for the incident of September 2016, when Arthur Park took birth in women pregnant with a third child.

According to the Executive Director of the Medical Board, after birth, the Park didn’t have to wait until the placenta and started to remove it by yourself, not using anesthesia.

“Nursing staff documented that during the extraction of the placenta, the patient screamed in pain, but the Park noted that she was just “excited”, – said in a lawsuit.

Removing the placenta, the obstetrician-gynecologist accidentally perforated the uterus, causing the woman fell sharply blood pressure.

Nurses have repeatedly told the doctor that the woman was pale and lost consciousness, but he had not sent the woman on the ultrasonic examination of the abdominal cavity, the blood transfusion and did not say to do rescue and resuscitation.

After the patient’s condition deteriorated, she was transferred to ICU where she suffered two heart attacks and died about seven hours after birth.

The autopsy showed that the woman died of postpartum hemorrhage.

Arthur Park has not yet been prosecuted in the case, but in the nineties he was suspended licenses – also withloubou negligence (in 1996 and 1997).

“In 21st century America, no woman should die during pregnancy and childbirth. However, each year in the United States, more than 700 women die for reasons related to pregnancy, and more than 50 million women suffer from life – threatening complications,” – said Michael Lu, senior Deputy Dean of the School of public health, George Washington University and former Director of the Federal Bureau for health protection of mother and child.
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