Nibiru is hiding inside the Sun, preparing an all-out explosion in the Solar system

Astronomers were able to witness the presence of kladbisha of comets on the solar surface.

The culprit of such education can be called the magnetic field of Nibiru. Moreover, the formation of a group of cosmic bodies Kreutz Sungrazers have the power to destroy the Solar system. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported that the dragon is Nibiru going to settle in the forests of Gomel.

This discovery confirms the fact that Nibiru could locate in the Sun, so as not to give their own location. Also in favor of the above theory shows a constant increase of comets on the surface of the heavenly body. Scientists are not 100% aware of the mechanisms of formation of energy from Smarty come and declare the presence of the hidden source of the explosion. It is not excluded that charges from comets is not the Sun, and hidden in the sun planet X.

There are two versions of events: first, energised by the comets, Nibiru will depart in their own dimension; secondly, the stored energy under the influence of planet X will destroy the Solar system, leaving no chance for survival. At the moment experts study all the details of the above incident, promising an unpleasant outcome.
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