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The launch of the public test network Sapphire blockchain for Ethereum 2.0

Developed by startup Labs Prysmatic Preston van Loon on Tuesday announced the release the public test network called Sapphire that uses the rules of the zero-phase Protocol Ethereum 2.0.

“This is non-trivial, critical step for lifting the technology to a new level, and we need you to also took part”, — says van Loon.

Unlike the Ethereum 1.0, users clients such as Parity and Geth, the test network Sapphire only supports client Prysm.

The most interesting feature of Sapphire is the ability of the stacking test ETH token according to the method of Casper Proof-of-Stake. Users are invited to translate the ETH of test network Goerli in the new network to try yourself in the role of validator. For their actions they will be able to earn rewards and penalties, as in real conditions.

The test network is Sapphire’s implementation of the official spec of zero phase Ethereum 2.0 or Beacon Chain from the Ethereum team Research. The developers say that the network works according to the approved rules of consensus and is not a simulation.

The test network is not represented smart contracts and other functionality associated with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). They will be implemented in the second phase Ethereum 2.0. The features of the current implementation are reduced to running a registry of validators, the stacking and formation of the blockchain.

For the current implementation, developers installed more simple parameters compared to those that will be used in the core network, associated in particular with the number of shards and validators. Transfers of assets between locations will be implemented later as they are not critically important for demonstrating the key functionality of the Beacon Chain.

The developers intend daily to extend the capabilities of a test network and do not plan to restart it until you found a critical bug that will prevent its further operation. They also allow for the possibility of planned restarts in the event of significant changes which will require users to update your software.

Publication date 08.05.2019
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