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Most financial DApps built on the Ethereum blockchain

According to the report Binance of 6 June, the developers of Ethereum account for the vast majority of creators of decentralized applications for the FINTECH industry.

The report stated:

“Financial DApps is an ecosystem, consisting of apps, built on decentralised networks, the public block chain and peer-to-peer protocols to facilitate the lending and borrowing of funds or the trading in financial instruments”.

This ecosystem is designed to offer the public a decentralized network for users who want to ensure complete protection of their crypto-assets. According to the report, this ecosystem consists of platforms for lending and borrowing, which support the blockchain assets. One of the major pairs assets used on the blockchain, is the token MakerDao (MKR) and its sister stable coin Dai (DAI).

The report asserts that since Ethereum blockchain is the largest platform in terms of market capitalization, it is not surprising that most of the DApps is built on the blockchain. However, there are also new platforms, such as EOS, which over time can take from Ethereum part of the market share.

As reported by Cointelegraph in may, the new York blockchain firm ConsenSys recently published guide “the Blockchain and DApp Developer Job Kit” to support potential developers wishing to write to the blockchain DApps on Ethereum JavaScript, Python, or Solidity.

The guide explains key topics in this field, such as agreed algorithms, smart contracts, miners, promote safety, standards, tokens, scalability, encryption and a private key, a digital signature of the proof with zero disclosure and trusted runtime environment.

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