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Celer Networks talks about scaling NEO

Celer Networks talks about further scaling of the NEO. Update Celer can be integrated on top of NEO Trinity.

Representatives from team NEO to discuss the possible integration of the Protocol scaling the second level Celer platform blockchain NEO.

NEO already integrated with Trinity Network, the existing Protocol Autonomous scale created by NEO developers.

Network Celer designed to be a scalable payment solution that uses smart contracts, and the side chains based on the DAG to ensure fast and free transactions, it is fifteen times faster than the Bitcoin network Lightning Network.

Celer does not depend on the blockchain and can work on several circuits simultaneously. The solution already supports Ethereum, Oasis, Thunder (TT) and draft cloud computing, DLT, Dfinity. The Protocol is open source, so any blockchain can be integrated by writing the necessary components.

The core team NEO is currently focused on developing its version 3.0, which will improve the stability and scalability as a means of attracting new users to the network.

On the basis of the road map, NEO 3.0 should be ready somewhere in the first quarter of 2020. If the talks will go according to plan, Celer can be part of a new software upgrade.
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