Strange events in space: the wailing siren, robot Fyodor not allowed

No, it ISS hard not to take on Board Russia’s first anthropomorphic robot to Fedor. Instead of having to pull it out from the docked ship immediately on arrival, as reported by Fedya on Twitter, Alexander Skvortsov’s the second day of… shows him the “combination of the right hand”. I do not think our famous cosmonaut went mad from all this tragi-comic history. Judging by the photos submitted by Fedor, he shows him only the thumb. Meanwhile, say industry sources, extract skybot from the Soyuz spacecraft’s probably not necessary at all.

Странные события в космосе: воет сирена, робота Федора не пускают

Two days have passed since the docking of “Soyuz MS-14” with the ISS. The gateway opened, Fedor sees his friend Alexander Skvortsov, who did not hurry to take it out.

A day later, the robot broke down and wrote on Twitter: “After last communication with @KremlinRussia and another unidentified member of the radio (he’s about the President of Turkey Erdogan) my cameraman Alexander Skvortsov three times, looked through the gateway of the aggregate compartment to my vehicle and showed this combination of the right hand (photo attached). Today started the testing of the exoskeleton”.

Photo sent in from the station, once again we see one of Alexander Alexandrovich in a special suit through which he had to communicate with Fedor (he had to repeat his motion). However, Fedor hid, he was moving in time to the movements Skvortsova, if it was sitting under the heap of bags loaded with? And if he was connected to the exoskeleton? In the photo it is not visible.

I understand that Twitter Fedor was created with the normal operation of the station. But what is happening now, looks like a mockery of the robot, the Russians, who are every day expecting a fresh message on Skvortsov, finally. Alas, the astronaut in the exoskeleton and without Fedor looks to put it mildly, strange.

And on Thursday, when everyone was watching Skvortsov and his combination of fingers, beginning NASA broadcast of the teleconference between Mission control and the Russian segment of the ISS. In her guide gave “good” on the transfer of Fedor from the ship to the module МИМ2 (Search). All perked up. But not for long. Because Roskosmos this information is not officially confirmed. “Don’t know — told us in a press-service, supposed to move on Thursday.”

At the time of this writing, at 17.00 on Thursday, the skid remains in the ISS did not appear. But there is information (it gave RIA Novosti) from the station from cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin that reported the alarm in the us segment of the ISS.

Ovchinin noted that the siren howled because of the high partial pressure (content in air) of oxygen in the Russian Zvezda module. After that, the technician MCC has asked the crew to stop the pressurization of the atmosphere of the station with oxygen from the tanks of the cargo ship “Progress MS-12”, to give the oxygen to mix in the air of the station. “Nothing wrong with that — we commented on in the space industry. — Probably a glitch in the regulator “Progress”, where there is a pressurization or failure in the American sensor measuring gases in the atmosphere station.” Later came the message that the danger to astronauts not fulfilled all the recommendations of the MCC, they normalized the concentration of oxygen.

In General, not to Fyodor while our crew members. That we on Earth are interested in the show with the robot, and the orbit does not stop heavy serious work, coupled sometimes with contingencies. Few people remembered that with Fedor on the ISS flew about 200 kg of cargo. But they need to unload first, then load the lander cargo. The time before the scheduled return of the robot remains for about a week, and “strange games” with him (that so characterize the program of the visit of Theodore to the ISS in the industry) no time left at all. Voiced version that skybot can leave the ship…

Meanwhile, the U.S. multi-armed robot Dextre (SPDM) mounted on the manipulator Canadarm2 to perform finer tasks, performed the routine work — replaced one of samarajiva electronic components in Japanese experiment module JEM. On the outside of the station. No announcement on Twitter.

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