Employees of a Chinese restaurant in Tennessee washed equipment in the lake

No wonder they have such low prices.

The health workers in Tennessee this week shut down a Chinese restaurant after a video in which demonstrated that its employees wash their grills, pans and other kitchen utensils in the nearby lake.

At least 2 of the restaurant staff washed the kitchen appliances and then put them back into the building, as shown shooting on the phone camera, received by Fox 17 News.

The incident occurred at No. 1 Chinese Restaurant in Nashville that made the health care sphere representatives to inspect the school.

“As a result of the findings of the inspector, the health Department closes restaurant due to the potential health risks and demands that the restaurant has cleaned and disinfected all surfaces and cooking equipment before the institution will be allowed to open again”, – noted in his statement to the Department of health in Nashville.

The daughter of a restaurant owner, Michelle pan, said cooking utensils which are washed in the lake, was intended for personal use and never got to the restaurant, which is contrary to the video, which shows that 2 people went to institution together with in the lake washed things.

“This is the first time they took the equipment to the lake to wash”, said Michelle, adding that these items are never directly touched the food.

Officials said that the owners insisted on the cultural reasons for the use of water from the lake for washing kitchen utensils.

However, social media users who have left comments on the Facebook page of the restaurant, were mostly shocked and disgusted. “I’ll never be there more to eat!” he wrote, for example, Carol Rubin.

However, there were also other points of view: “After all this inspection, there is no doubt that they will be purer than 99.9% of other restaurants in the area”,- wrote the user of a social network Steve Barnes.
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