Alla Pugacheva serious problems with the law: the actress faces arrest

The problems go beyond the prima Donna of the Russian show-business footsteps. At that time the artist found a decent debt.

As you know, the Russian lawyer Yaroslav Mikhaylov asked the Moscow Prosecutor’s office demanding to check the legality of the construction of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva their home in the village of Mud.

It is reported that the reason for these fights was unacceptable to stay the height of the mansion. According to Mikhailov, he puts forward no claim to national actors, and to regulatory authorities, to allow such illegal construction.

He also noted that the mansion of the stars exceeds three storeys above ground and maximum height of 20 meters.

However, this problem alone is not the only one. It turned out that the Diva has also filed a claim because of too high a bath for her country.

We are talking about a country house in the Small village of Berezhki in the Istra district of Moscow region. It turned out there is too high a bath, which is almost 19 feet above the prescribed standards. Also, according to the newspaper kp.ruresidents of the Istrinsky district, complained about the fence of Alla, which was built around her house and prevents ordinary citizens to go to the pond.

In December last year has been drawn up and Alla Borisovna fined in the amount of three thousand rubles. It should be noted that Diva was not paid, and therefore, the amount of the fine is well increased.

It is reported that if in a short time the artist it is not extinguished, then she could face arrest or compulsory work.

As previously reported LigaNews, Larisa Dolina followed Pugacheva has proved that age is just a number: frames. It is also known that Alla Pugacheva has excited the Network is a strange statement.
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