Trump treated his wife like a dog: live with the scandalous gesture leaked

Odious American President Donald trump again blasted the Network for its behavior towards wife Melania, triggering a wave of indignation among a good half of the users and antagonizing American feminists.

As it became known, the us President billionaire Donald trump, famous for his outrageous statements and extraordinary behavior, again shocked users of the Network another trick, which has provoked a strong reaction of the majority of not only American but also foreign citizens, according to the “League news Russia” with reference to “Russian conversation“.

According to the information received, a “spark” in the unfolding scandal was the gesture of the occupant of the White house, who beckoned to his wife Melania, using a gesture that most breeders – cotton with a hand on the thigh, also known as “the leg”.

Video made in early August during the visit of Donald and Melania trump at the city of Dayton. immediately forced to pay attention to the way trump treats his wife. The footage standing near the car trump pats himself on the leg, after which it suitable spouse. Users immediately noticed that such treatment is reminiscent of the gesture in relation to Pets.

Often this gesture is used by dog handlers when training dogs and is used to attract the attention of dogs and cats, instinctively beckoning Pets to approach the foot of the trainer or owner.

“Like dog calls,” he said in a disgruntled network users commenting on the insulting gesture of the trump.

It should be noted that some subscribers reacted to the incident with humor and began to joke on the subject. Some users jokingly declared that the US President allegedly stole the First lady’s passport and is now manipulating her and the other “jokers” with feigned chagrin noted that the American leader “didn’t even give the wife a treat for good response.” There were also supporters of the leader of the United States, knowing that the way trump was checking something in his pocket and didn’t mean anything bad.

This is not the first case when trump accused of mistreatment of the wife. So, before he made her get wet in the rain, taking an umbrella. Also, Melania trump repeatedly publicly showed discontent with trump, for example refusing to take the hand of the American President.
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