Americans are buying up large quantities of diesel VWs: they are solid pros

American buyers are not afraid of the diesel scandal, and they come in new cars even from other States. According to the New York Times, bought by dealers cars for Disilicate was incredibly popular, and there are several reasons.

Main can be called low cost of these cars. For example, a diesel VW Golf TDI 2015 will cost about $12,000 (about 790 000 rubles at the current exchange rate). In addition, the role played by the lack of other cars with diesel engines, the efficiency of such models and provided a four-year warranty.

Американцы массово скупают дизельные Фольксвагены: для них сплошные плюсы


Recall that the Deselect happened when a Volkswagen was caught in the use of special software, allows you to understate the real level of emissions in order of successful completion of the environmental tests. The Americans offered to give the car back for revision, or to sell them back to dealers at competitive prices.

Most owners chose the second option, in the end, the only automaker in the United States had to buy more than 380 000 vehicles that were stored in abandoned stadiums and Parking lots, and after repairs sell at auctions.

As a result, today the dealers managed to realize back more than 310 000 diesel Volkswagens. The head of the dealership Vorderman in Indiana have reported an interesting to do. According to him, many buyers come to them for specific diesel cars, not paying any attention to other models.

Американцы массово скупают дизельные Фольксвагены: для них сплошные плюсы


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