It is not only the hurricane: the mystery of the gift of Vanga

23 years after the death of a famous prophetess Vanga and her predictions continue to come true. Her gift is still trying to solve the great minds of this world.

The gift that was given to Wang, has created many stories, myths and legends, resource transfers “Russian Dialogue“.

Some argue that even in childhood, Wang was struck by lightning, after which it came the gift of foresight. Others have argued that the psychic picked up the hurricane. While Wang herself never talked about how and where they could receive such an unusual gift.

It is known that at the age of 12 Vanga lost his sight, but gained a valuable gift of foresight. Stefka veleva, friend soothsayer, confirmed the version with the hurricane. However, she referred to the words of supposedly the most Vanga. The heavenly element has raised a 12 year old girl in the air and it tore a lot of hair on her head. Vanga eyes inflamed from the huge amounts of dust, and soon she became blind.

Scientists say that in the place where he spent his childhood Vanga was never recorded occurrence of hurricanes.

Victoria Lazic, the writer, and does put forward the awful theory. With her words, in 12 years of Vanga abused and gouged out his eyes that she identified the rapists. However, this version of the experts reject as a journalist would fabricate this story, after a quarrel with Wang.

And another writer Svetlana Savitskaya was nominated and did a fantastic version. She States that she was in contact with Vanga in a parallel world and that she discovered the truth. After the whirlwind the girl allegedly was abducted by aliens. They took away her eyesight, but gave in return the gift of divination.

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