From villain to hero: Medvedev and Nadal held the epic final of the US Open

Sunday, September 8, ended the Open championship of the USA on tennis. In women’s singles canadian Bianca Andreescu defeated Serena Williams, but a real tennis match held on the finalists-men — Rafael Nadal and Daniel Medvedev. The match lasted almost five hours.

Last year Daniil Medvedev has become the best modern players of Russia and entered the top 5 in the world. Only this summer he has won 20 of 23 matches held in Cincinnati won the masters tournament, being defeated in the semifinals Novak Djokovic. And September 8, was opposed by Rafael Nadal in a truly Grand final the Open championship of the USA on tennis.

The first two-and-a-half set was in the lead titled Spaniard. Nadal, seemed to have almost completely succeeded in imposing his style of play to the opponent. As admitted after the game Medvedev, at the end of the second set he was already thinking about what I would say in the final speech, because he’s going to lose 3-0. But then the situation changed, and Russian ceased to be for Nadal “convenient”: instead of his characteristic work in the depths of the court, Medvedev started to get on the ball and respond faster. Nadal was wrong. Medvedev equalized and brought to a fifth set. In the end, the victory went to the more experienced Nadal: 7:5, 6:3, 5:7, 4:6, 6:4. In his victory speech he paid tribute to the opponent: “the very first words I should say to Daniel. The summer, which he spends, is one of the best I’ve ever seen in our sport since then as I play. Today saw why he is fourth in the world rankings, although he is only 23 years old. Congratulate him with this. How he managed to overcome, to break the rhythm of the game is just incredible. You and your team worked perfectly. I’m sure you will have a chance to win here. Good luck!”

Nadal for US Open title-2019 — 19-th Grand slam in his career. During the awards ceremony, Rafa did not keep emotions and then commented at the post-match press conference: “how dramatic was this match an integral part of my history in our sport. I’m happy, this trophy means a lot to me. And today I’m especially satisfied with how I overcame all difficulties. Usually try to keep my emotions under control, but today — because of all of the above — it was just impossible.”

The greatness of Spanish is undeniable, but after the ending of superiority of the world’s media has not forgotten about the young athlete from Russia. L’equipe calls Medvedev as “heroic”. Writing about tennis journalist The New York Times ‘ Ben Rothenberg notedthat “Medvedev’s words at the ceremony sounded like the speech of the winner, deservedly so. His achievements I will remember best from this summer of tennis”.

The Telegraph said the drama of a relationship Daniil Medvedev and American spectators at the competition: “When he became the anti-hero of the tournament last weekend, showing the middle finger stands, no one would have guessed how the end of this story. Mysterious Russian usually do not attract new York audience, but in this case he has won fans a courageous return to play”. Recall, 31 August, Medvedev held a match of the third round against Spaniard Feliciano Lopez. When the score was 3:4 in the first set, Daniel lost the game, at this point he was not timely filed a towel. The athlete angrily snatched it from his hands ballboy and threw it on the court, for which he received a caution from the judge. In response, Medvedev threw his racket in the direction of the judge. Audience indignation of tennis player is not supported and became to Russians especially cold. Medvedev, in turn, began even to encourage viewers to more actively Boo him and even showed the middle finger stands. The judge did not see it, but cameras recorded. After the game it became known that unsportsmanlike behavior and gesture towards the stands cost Daniel about 8 thousand Euro fine.

A love story that nobody expected – Daniil Medvedev and new York

After the game Lopez victorious sarcastic Medvedev addressed the audience and thanked them for extra motivation: “Thank you. Your energy brought me the victory. If you hadn’t, I probably would have lost. Because I was very tired yesterday I had cramps. When you go to sleep, I want you to know that I won thanks to you! I think that this energy is enough for me for the next five matches. The more you do, the more I will be for you to win.”

The final meeting between Medvedev and Nadal that changed everything, and the eyes of the audience, the athlete seems to have lost the status of “an enfant terrible”. And Medvedev himself, in his speech finalists chose to leave the sarcasm and appeal to the audience: “I Want to talk about you guys. At the beginning of the tournament I said it bad, but now I speak good: thanks to your energy I found myself in the final. This day will forever remain in my memory because I played on the biggest court in tennis. And when I’m in the third set, I was thinking about what I’m going to speak at the ceremony, you encouraged me so I continued to play because they wanted more tennis. Because of you I fought like crazy. As I said, this is electricity — you booed me, I never claimed the opposite. But you see that I can change. I’m a human being and can make mistakes. Thank you again from all my heart.”

In an interview Medvedev gave to Euronews after the game, he saidthat, as paradoxical as it may sound, be proud, but not satisfied with the result because nobody likes to lose.
It is known that at the present time the athlete trains in the South of France, in Cannes under the direction of Gilles Servery. Earlier in the season servers advertise toldwhat to train Medvedev — “how to be an agent of the artist. Don’t always know what he’s doing or why, you just trust him”.
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