Can find here snow leopard? Sheep with pictures not noticed it and died

Photographer from Australia Inger L. vandycke went to the Himalayas and was able to capture the hunt the snow leopards the blue sheep. As long as the predator jumped out of the ambush, she didn’t even see it: these rare cats are perfectly hiding. You see a leopard in this picture? And it is.

Snow leopards are solitary and occur in pairs only during mating season. Every leopard hunt on a large property, which his relatives I try not to go, so the nature of them. In addition, the residents of the regions inhabited by leopards sometimes hunt them for expensive skins. Now lives on the earth from 4 to 6 thousand leopards.

“Snow leopards are extremely rare animal, so rare that many people dedicating their lives to see them, not to mention the fact to photograph or catch on the hunt.”

Inger L. Vandycke

L. vandycke became the first woman and the first Australian, who photographed the complete sequence of the hunting leopards. To do this, she 17 days spent in the mountains in Ladakh in India. The temperature reached -25 degrees, and a day liter jar of water had time to freeze through in just over an hour. But the expedition was lucky they found the leopards and watched as they play, mate and mark territory.

One day, after a six-hour ambush in the snow, L. vandycke saw the leopard descended into the valley and tried to track down barala, or blue sheep. Looking at the pictures she found on one of the bars, which was not noticed during shooting. She posted a photo to Twitter with the caption: “crazy. Find bars”.

That’s where the hiding leopard.

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