“For no particular reason?”: why summer wasps hate people

In late summer wasps, like fly into a rage. Attacks on humans happen more often. The experts found out that the reason for such hatred of insects to mankind is alcohol.

Sounds weird, but it’s true. Of course, a glass of vodka wasps do not climb and beer no one sells them. It is enough fermented fruit to get that at the end of summer insects everywhere.

Adult hornets cannot digest caught prey. They chew it for the larvae. In turn, those rich in sucrose to produce a substance to feed the workers.

But to get sugar can be the other way. People do not recycle their waste with a high sugar content, such as rotten fruit. Wasps gladly eat them and get drunk — the fermentation process is already underway.

It turns out that hundreds flock to every OS tightly closed garbage container in the city. There the insects “drunk”, and then bite people.

It is important to remember that the bite of the stinging insects can cause anaphylactic shock in people with allergies. People who are prone to such a state, when a wasp sting should get professional medical help promptly. Otherwise there is a risk of complications including death.

Any stinging insects may attack a human for no apparent reason. To explain why this is so, only after careful assessment of the incident. All wasps are very negative attitude to the fact, when a person drives individual wasps hand. This behavior is perceived insects as an attack. Unnecessary and sudden movements when meeting with the OCA is better not to do it, then the insect just fly his way and will not touch the person.

In conclusion, we should say that OSA is a very dangerous human being. The risk of a wasp sting is sometimes fraught with a lot of unpleasant moments, always remember this. A wasp sting in some cases it is incompatible with life and requires a rapid response and medical intervention.

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