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Miners are massively disconnected from the network of litecoin

Hasrat network of litecoin (LTC) continues to decline rapidly. Only at the end of August, the amount of computing power used for production of coins was reduced by 30%.

In September, the negative trend has continued, as evidenced by the data service Bitinfocharts. Hasrat decreased with 523 teraherz per second (TH/s) to 295 TH/s.

In early August, took place the so-called halving – reducing the reward for mining the block in the network LTC. The awarding of the miners has been halved from 25 to 12.5 LTC. Before halinga the price of litecoin aggressive adds, as many investors expected that the market will experience a shortage of this digital asset due to the lower profitability of mining.

However, after the August Kalinga, on the contrary, the demand for the coin began to fall, which triggered a collapse in its value. At the time of publication of this review, litecoin was trading at $69, the market capitalization of bitcoin has dropped to $4,376 billion.

Miners leaving EN masse, the network of LTC, which led to this fall in Hasrat. Experts fear that halving bitcoin, which is expected in may next year, will also provoke a fall of the coin.

Now Hasrat network of bitcoin continues growing, as the profitability of mining increases with the rate BTC. This week, Hasrat approached 100 assages per second (CS/s) and can reach this figure in the near future.

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