Astrophysicist explained why the moon should look for aliens

Physicist Abraham Loeb suggested that the remains of alien organisms entering the Solar system from other stars, can be on the moon and believed the Earth satellite your space to find the remains of extraterrestrial life.

Астрофизик рассказал, почему на Луне стоит искать инопланетян

The specialist noted that recent studies reaffirm the existence in the Solar system space objects from outside. In this regard, the scientist did not rule out that some of these objects contain organic matter needed for the origin of life, or native microorganisms. If something like that falls on the Earth, after some time to discover an alien organism becomes almost impossible, while on the moon, where there is geological processes, the chances of finding extraterrestrial life, according to experts, is much higher.

It is worth noting that Abraham Loeb quite often comes up with ideas that sound too “loud” for a professional scientist. Six months ago, he suggested that the Earth’s atmosphere burned interstellar meteor, and before that made that first (and at that time only) known to mankind object from another star system, asteroid Omului, in fact, built by aliens. Astrophysicist also did not rule out that the existence of intelligent civilizations of extraterrestrials has a chance present generation. Theories about aliens scientist, however, is not limited to: in August 2017, he said that after only 750 years in the Sun can happen threat for human civilization flare. Also astrophysicist, albeit rather jokingly, offered humanity a to buy real estate on the planet Proxima b in the alpha Centauri system, and even earlier urged to seek sources of so-called fast radio bursts, using conventional smartphones.

However, it can be noted that many scientists are less “brave” in their assumptions, often admit that the Moon of the Earth is better suited for studying objects of alien origin, also noting that this contributes to the lack of geological processes on the moon.
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