The reform called for… a comedian

Actress Samantha Bee, host of the humorous TV shows Full Frontal, I couldn’t resist, of course, the jokes, wondering with more than a serious topic: do we need an electoral system in which critical voices of the members of the electoral College.

“When Donald trump does something, he didn’t approve of most Americans, the first thing I think is why we actually chose, she said. But then I remember that not are among the “we.”

Bi recalled that in direct elections trump got less of the vote, but became President because he won the States submitted the necessary total number of electors. “The first candidate Donald was approved by the College without the interference of his influential father,” the actress said ironically, having defeated what in the English language “College” and “College” are denoted by one word “college”.

It is the fact that the country was headed by a man like trump, is, in her opinion, the main reason to eliminate such a system. “I guess the founding fathers introduced it because they were members of the elite believe that the average person is too stupid to elect a worthy leader, and, admittedly, was far from the truth”, she added. The actress also suggested that the role played by racial motives through a system of indirect elections was to protect the interests of the state, inferior to the rest of the population, since about 60% of its residents were slaves, not having the right to vote.

“Can you imagine if trump or George Bush Jr., who also voted less voter than the opponent, have achieved victory? — it asked a question. — Of course, the world would not be perfect, but we would not start a war with Iraq, and the temperature of the planet may have been at least one degree lower.”

Bi stressed that the elimination of the electoral College now favored by many presidential candidates from the Democratic party, while the Republicans, recognizing the imperfection of the system oppose reform — most likely for the reason that in the last 20 years, the current rules have helped their representatives to come to power.

“But it’s not just party interests, she concluded. — If Texas won the Democrat who was supposed to get 38 votes of the representatives of the state in the electoral College, conservatives will suddenly remember that all of these people were born in Kenya. The problem is that this system is unfair and undemocratic, and it’s time to get rid of it”.

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