Near the pyramid of Djoser found the remains of a 140-centimetre dwarfs

During excavations near the Egyptian pyramid of Djoser was able to attest the existence of ancient creatures. According to experts, near the legendary statues managed to find pygmy mummies. It is likely that these creatures could be members of an unknown race.

Archaeologists said that these creatures could be the first creators of these sculptures. Also able to establish that the refuge of these anomalies were in Central Africa. Despite all the attempts of Polish experts to identify the representatives of the unknown civilization, they did not succeed, as scientists still can’t understand how these little creatures could be so skillful architects at 140 cm height. Researchers have focused on the fact that the mummies had more similarities with pygmies than with the Egyptians. This publication reports League news Russia.

On the identified labels ufologists were able to identify that one of the dwarfs even in the childhood was delivered to the Egyptian ruler.

Before in the research world have been able to identify the pyramids of the existence of a secret laboratory by which extraterrestrial civilizations were able to control the Universe. In addition, scientists said that the above create teleported to the moon its own work. Also drew attention to the fact that computer device can send to the mysterious space radio waves.

We will remind, supporters of the global conspiracy was able to establish the origin of the Arctic pyramids. The official science refuses to admit the interference of an unknown civilization in the creation of these sculptures. They believe that it’s only two possible angle of the same mountain range. The emergence of such contours could also be caused by the uneven weathering of rock.
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