Sberbank is considering to engage in online selling cars

RBC, citing its own sources, reports that Sberbank plans to launch an online platform for the sale of both new and used vehicles. It is expected that the application “Sberbank Online” will be the appropriate directory, which will happen the selection of vehicles.

The latest functionality will be very similar to the app “Doclick” that allows you to buy a property. Using this service, you will not only find a suitable to buy the car, but also to check its history (if we are talking about a used car) and to get a loan and use the email support.

Сбербанк подумывает заняться онлайн-продажей автомобилей


Journalists report that at the moment, Sberbank’s management has already begun to search for partners among the largest players in secondary market. According to rumors, does not exclude the cooperation with the portal “the”. However, any formal comments from the management of the Bank to achieve so far failed.

Sales of cars Sberbank is interested in is not accidental. Huge capacity of “secondary” is an excellent opportunity for additional income on Commission and provide additional services. In addition, sales of used cars are more stable than the market of new cars, as they do not so much depend on the exchange rate of foreign currencies.

When it is in the app “Sberbank Online” will be suitable service for the sale of automobiles (and will be at all ?) is still unknown.
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