Astronomers have found “inexplicable” giant planet orbiting the star dwarf

Scientists from Israel, Chile, Mexico and several European countries found orbiting the star GJ 3512 planet is a gas giant. Attention was drawn to the fact that the star mass is about eight times less than the Sun, while rotating around her space object easier of Jupiter just doubled — that is, harder than all the other planets of the Solar system combined.

Астрономы нашли «необъяснимую» планету-гигант на орбите звезды-карлика

Of course, the terms “giant” and “dwarf” in this case should not mislead — star is still hundreds of times harder planets revolving around it. Also, experts say that themselves are red dwarfs of class M, which is detected 3512 GJ represent the most common type of stars in the Solar system. However, the opening was for the scientists surprise — existing models describing the formation of star systems imply that the differences between the mass of the star and planets in its orbit needs to be significantly more.

3512 GJ is about 31 light years from Earth. The planet, called GJ 3512 b, revolves around the star in 214 days. According to the researchers, informed of the planet, which had a large weight relative to the weight of a star, was able to find only a method of microlensing, which today is considered not the most reliable due to errors and difficulties in replicating results.

According to the authors of a new scientific work, new data allow new insight into models of planet formation, previously regarded as a relatively unlikely. Given the fact that today the mankind knows not too much of exoplanets, scientists believe it is likely that GJ 3512 b is far not a unique case.

Experts also do not exclude the presence in the star system of second planets, overcoming a complete circle around the orbit 1 400 days.

The study was published in the journal Science.

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