“The promise” trump in Ukraine: Congress alarmed by the mysterious message

Democrats are sounding the alarm about the mysterious promises trump, concerning Ukraine, which provided the intelligence and the administration that trump refused to provide to Congress.

It first announced the publication of the Washington Post on Wednesday evening, citing anonymous intelligence sources. The identity of the foreign leader, who had spoken to trump, and the exact words of the message remain unclear, but the newspaper noted that the discussion resulted in “the promise.”

This is what is known at this time.

An anonymous whistleblower submitted a complaint to the inspector General of the intelligence community Michael Atkinson August 12. Federal law provides that the inspector General must investigate any report of “urgent concern” employee of the intelligence community and determine whether it is credible, for two weeks.

If so, the inspector General shall notify the Director of National intelligence, whose office is responsible for oversight of the 17 intelligence agencies of the country.

But the acting Director of National intelligence Joseph Maguire refused to share a complaint against trump with Congress.

Attorney office Maguire said he had consulted with the Ministry of justice and decided that the accusation has not reached the level of “urgent concern” requiring notification of Congress.

During the six weeks preceding August 12, trump talked with several world leaders, including, in particular, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, the President of China XI Jinping, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

By trump on Twitter called everything that happens “another fake news.”

“This story will never end! When I’m on the phone with foreign leaders, I understand that I listens to US intelligence, not to mention the intelligence agencies of other countries. Really someone is so stupid that she thought that I will say something inappropriate during such a crowded conversation? I will always do what is right and good for US!”, – trump wrote yesterday, September 19.

The Director of National intelligence, is expected to testify in open session before the intelligence Committee of Congress next week.

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