Neither unsee nor expect nor forget

Philologist Gasan Guseinov about the shaman-political thinker and mystical reasons for depression Russia.

The word “unseen” in the sense of “to forget about what you saw”, “seen to erase from my memory” or “cancel the act of contemplation” like climbing on the buskins, the anonymous author offers Visonary, included in the dictionaries. The words “to inquire” or “to hear” while still holding on means in Russian everyday life the same as before. To hear means to recognize something by ear, and to learn to strive to learn something better, in all things.

Why this is so, I grabbed the inability to forget what he saw, but recognized by others or heard considers it possible to somehow sweep under the rug. But recently someone wanted to “count” one modern writer, caught a phony figure, but the words “to count” one “with” to mean “to forget read” while not in use. But the word is sure to appear, and then many people make a grave mistake in the word “calculate” is firmly remember the difference.

Question about “razvedennom” is not as simple as it seems. It’s no wonder they say that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Human nature without any mysticism defeats anyone who tries to stop time.

The word “unsee” appeared in our era of the proliferation of moving images records in YouTube (or YouTube) and gifs-gifs-gifs, those endlessly repetitive movements, which are moving and he wanted to forget, but now can not, can not, can not, can not, can not…

This time is called the era of big data. It was predicted by the tale “Pot, not boil!”

Here we wanted the ruler to stay longer in power. To do this, after a certain period of time he had to break the rules. First slightly, then more and more. And then in order to stay in power, we have to eliminate more capable rivals. There is no evidence that it has made itself the ruler, of course, is not found. May be, in any case. Fine singers famous, of course. But similar killings are repeated from year to year, and eliminate a similar way like people, and protect the ruler with only one argument-“what do you mean, as it is very profitable! Why would he do that?!” — and then it turns out that the ruler of this just a little, and it turns out that he sends people around the world to eliminate any overly small of his former agents. The proof of this is his personal complicity ruler without any pressure on him he gives. He plays the scene from an Amateur performance and speaks directly to the audience: “Comrades, here you are, which we found, civilians who went to the English city of Salisbury, well, come by the journalists, tell us what you just businessmen of an average hand that you did not go there to kill a traitor and scum, but just to walk!”

And here are our Rosencrantz and Guildenstern come to the meeting with the journalist. All three scared sweat. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern leave them alone. They came because they were asked the king. Immediately after the meeting disappear. Everyone understands that they are punished for having not fulfilled the king’s orders. Hid the entire cast — there’s only one corpse — an Englishwoman, in whose hands were the vial of poison. This is not only a piece of “hamlet”, this clumsily translated excerpt from “Romeo and Juliet”.

What is important in this story? It all can be found in the entry hours of entry to unsee which is impossible. And here the accumulation of other similar records talking in a straight line about the Germans and Politkovskaya, about the 1990-ies, about Petrov and Bashirova, about the salary of health workers on the protection of tigers and cranes, about DUSHECHKA girls useritem, vainly crying out “the virgin, Putin banish!” — all it together now it would be good to forget. But to forget is impossible, because all the time people see it, the browsing. And those who were born in the new century and was a baby in 2005 or 2008, you can see what was said by the ruler of twenty, fifteen, ten, five years ago. And an hour ago. And all this is spinning endlessly on the web.

Great desire of people to unsee it. Because each new event starts perepisyvatsya with the entire chain old. And those old events take on new meaning, you just have to see them together. Shaman Gabyshev 2019 perepisyvatsya with posteritati 2012.

Yesterday, the people that opposed this ruler, did so-and-so.
Then the people that opposed this ruler, eliminated so-and-so.
And today there is a new actor and try to remove so-and-so.

Orthodox believers praying in the Temple of Christ the Savior mother of God, could declare hooligan and “slapped dvushechku”. It was in 2012. And now seven years later on the Russian political scene now appears a real priest. Real in the sense that it is taken seriously. In your title God, in the temples which they stand with candles, the chiefs do not believe it: been there, done that. No time of the Lord’s punishment not erupted for what he did earlier, then there will be nothing. Once everything is permitted, then there is no God, mirrors the KGB Dostoevsky.

And then a Yakut shaman. Psychic. And suddenly, in contrast to the artistically gifted, but politically naive pousserait, shaman Alexander Gabyshev is a political thinker:

“Democracy must be without fear. Now people are afraid to speak, afraid that their jobs, wages will be deprived. We just have the state power is unlimited, demonic. People in an artificial depression was driven. Natural depression medicine man cure stroke, and this artificial magic. The sorcerer caught his illusion of fear, depression all over the country, but the white wizard — like me — will is a delusion to dispel. Policies are useless, only witchcraft witchcraft”.

This striking quote gives the shaman the man who had worked for max Weber and is, in fact, a political scientist who went into politics.

“Putin is also trying to strengthen statehood in the world — in North Korea, Syria… And in European countries, in the US state power balanced by democracy. Tramp in America trying to break it, but not yet beyond. The balance should be between public authorities and the people. And the struggle for balance is at times, Yes, bloody methods, if the tyrannical state regimes do not provide a democratic way to balance their power. Putin will protect the state, which we now try to balance democracy”.

So clear thinking can we have in the country, only crazy, right? After all, the shaman Gabyshev not just felt, but understood how the events will develop in Moscow in late July — August 2019. In that moment, when Moscow officials tried to permanently eliminate insignificant seemingly democratic institution — the city legislature — the Moscow city Duma, the Shaman moved to Moscow, intending to restore the balance between state and society. To give the state its place.

The same task was solved and the students protesting against the arbitrariness of the police and gendarmerie in Moscow. First grabbed the participants of the peaceful demonstration in the capital of Russia, and some time later, peacefully marched shaman. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn went from American exile by rail through the whole of Russia, and Alexander Gabyshev went from Yakutsk on foot and was intercepted in Buryatia by a gang in masks.

Now many people would like to unsee everything that is embodied in numerous, if not countless videos. But that does not work. And then there is a new unexpected miracle. In place of the amorphous and inert Russian companies suddenly began to crystallize out of the group according to the professional interests of teachers and artists, even the clergy, who had been silent while he was torturing Jehovah’s Witnesses stood up for the companion to litsedeyskie the shop. People involved with the case, felt, and articulated, finally, the threat posed to their very existence from returned twenty years ago to power of the KGB.

And opened a new curious thing. As I look at it, as it is seen in the Outback or, more precisely, from the provinces? One of those places where I grew up, our shaman?

Among the security officers, I think there will surely find normal, decent people. But what is KGB as a professional community? Together, explain to us in the Russian province, all of these individually can, and good agents become a gang of thugs. Big data, stretching back in time, showing traitors by nature, which destroys every living thing, and business people. Not even for the sake of preserving their power at any cost. But because they all together as a Corporation are only able to destroy the other. To steal and tear someone else’s business. Looting in a weak neighboring country. Using useless for me and its population of cyberattacks to undermine stability in another state. What is all this? Such as nature! Open every cell of the duration of stay in power the whole Corporation.

Experience twenty years of the reign of this group in the Russian Federation, tells us the Russian hinterland, shows that mystical depression, into which it plunged the entire former Russia — a former Empire and the former Soviet Union, is a practical result of their corporate antiprofessional. All that they undertook, unraveling. That offers to stop a shaman Alexander prokopievich Gabyshev.

They would very much like to unsee it. To wash the screens of all these straight lines. But not out. And I have to take a shaman.

Is somehow developing a young democratic state they handed to their heirs the hostile environments all along borders, impoverished non-capital hinterland, triumphant boor-guard, which for handouts from the master’s table ready to crush and to devour his neighbor.

What does a shaman Sasha? Democratic rite to banish Putin from the Kremlin, to help people take power from the out-of-control dominonotes. Listening to the General said gold, I ask myself, not in his honor if the word “club” called the main tool of his warriors asguardian?

Not always possible the path specified by the staff of Alexander Prokopevich Gabysheva, not a club General Zolotov?

The case of shaman TM was srimalee and with the case of Yuriy Dmitriev-knight Sandormoh and hundreds of other cases on the basis of lese Majesty. Because the greatness was over before it even started. And begins the era of the transition from nothingness to nothingness. How many more victims is a nonentity nor were honored to bring.

She will probably come to an end slowly, like Mugabe, or quickly, like trump. It doesn’t matter. “Can unsee”, “expect” and “to forget” does not work for anybody.
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