With Saturn found a massive black hole to interfere with earth equipment

Researchers studying anomalies in space, managed to find unprecedented activity near Saturn. In addition to the anomalous interference, astronomers were able to find sources is incredibly devastating radiation. Initially, most researchers blamed these anomalies to the influence of the planets on the earth’s equipment.

It should be noted that the consistency of the above hypotheses to prove and failed. The second common explanation of the phenomenon was the presence of a black hole beyond Saturn. This assumption appeared 4 years ago and is considered one of the most sensible and plausible. Only after a certain time period managed to establish the existence of a black hole, which is rapidly gaining size. Experts from the University of Hawaii announced that it is necessary to check the consistency of the theory, voiced by the staff of the Keck Observatory. This publication reports League news Russia.

If the planet were a black hole, then the Terran is in serious danger.

We will add that earlier researchers demonstrated the birth of a black hole named AT2018cow. At the moment, the anomaly distant from earth at a distance of over 200 million light years. A notable feature of the cosmic phenomenon is the ability to spew streams of a rate equal to 1/10 of the movement of light beams.
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