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In the United States was another death from vaping

In the United States was another death from vaping

In the United States from the use of a mixture of Smoking died 65-year-old man in Nebraska. He became the 15th victim of wapow in the country. About it reports NBC News.

The man died in may. The cause of his death established physicians only now. As reported by epidemiologist Tom Safranek all around the country registered more than 800 complaints about problems with the respiratory system due to the use of wapow of deaths was 15.

As previously reported by the Center for the prevention and control of diseases of the United States, most users of wapow experiencing health problems, acquired on the black market Smoking blends marijuana. Victims have manifested similar symptoms reminiscent of pneumonia: cough, breathing problems, chest pain, severe fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea. The probable cause of the disease is called oil with vitamin E, which experts was not found in mixtures with marijuana have affected vapers. However, the local Ministry of health say what to do any conclusions early

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