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Hard fork Ethereum would disrupt the operation of smart contracts

Announced update Ethereum Istanbul will add to the developers of smart contracts a lot of work.

According to technical Director Aragon One Jorge Izquierdo, code changes, will break approximately 680 smart contracts used to manage database dapps on Ethereum.

Hardwork Istanbul will completely eliminate the possibility of transmission of ETH between decentralized organizations (TAO). First of all, it will reflect on the platform for the exchange of tokens Kyber Network.

In addition, planned improvement Ethereum (EIP) 1884 should increase the price of gas for core operations. This can lead to problems with the execution of smart contracts Aragon and raise prices for end users network Kyber.

Despite the upcoming breach of smart contracts to run hard forks Ethereum in the test networks all ready. Presumably, the block on which you activated the update needs to be extracted on 2 October.
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