Found in Britain “the Romans” were a more ancient people

Найденные в Британии «римляне» оказались более древними людьми

In the UK, scientists re-examined the remains of the “ancient Romans”, found 55 years ago and came to the conclusion that these people lived on the island long before the Roman invasion.

According to Sky Statement, two boxes of human bones alternately lay in the vaults of several museums, 55 years old, and all this time they have not been recalled. Only recently during the audit of the heritage Center of Somerset they drew the attention of the officers of the Cotswold archaeological Fund.

The remains of seven people were discovered in 1964 in the cave’s career Carrington Park. A number of previous been found of the Roman cemetery. Apparently, therefore, a half-century ago the researchers found that the remains belonged to the ancient Romans.

But a new study has proven that it is not. Radiocarbon Dating determined the age of these bones, which over 9000 years. Scientists say that it is one of the oldest human remains ever found in Britain.

According to osteoarchaeology Sharon Clough, the results were amazing. Because the opening puts these ancient people on one stage with famous cedarcom man. And it is able to shed new light on the history of settlement in Britain.

The remains of the “Man of Cheddar” was found at the turn of XIX-XX centuries in the cave Gough. Today it is the oldest in Britain, a complete human skeleton. It dates back to approximately 7150 BC, it Turns out that seven people whose remains were in the new study, dated again, probably lived about the same time cedarcom man.

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