Teachers do not want to arm themselves

A month after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, when in February 2018, were shot dead 17 people in Florida adopted a law allowing school staff to employ firearms.

Was only required to take courses on handling and verification of compliance with the law. Teachers are not concerned, but recently an amendment was adopted, according to which they also got this right.

It is possible that the legislature believed that such indulgence will make use of to prevent intruders, however, until the decision was taken only 7 of the 67 school districts in the state — in Bay, Gilchrist, Lafayette, Levi, Okeechobee, Putnam and Suwannee, and in the three (Baker, Jackson and Okaloosa) are undecided.

It is significant that the program was abandoned in the 25 largest counties, including Miami-Dade, Broward and orange. And all where such a step are small and located in rural areas, with the exception of Bay County is Panama city.

“Teachers have enough trouble, and all they have to do the teaching, not the confrontation with the criminals,” said Tamara Shamburger, Chairman of the school Board of Hillsborough County (Tampa) where unanimously voted against participating in the program.

According to the Education Commission of the States, similar laws have been adopted in 8 States, including Kansas and Texas. As for Florida, there is order in the school is provided 3156 law enforcement officers and 1062 of guard, although it is unknown how many of them are teachers engaged in such activities as volunteers.

As suggested by bill Husfelt, superintendent of the school district Bay, armed teachers could become another “line of defence”. He suggested that the decision could be affected by the incident in 2010, when the meeting of the governing Council rushed an armed man and opened fire. Luckily he didn’t hit, was injured in the rescue of a security guard and then killed himself.

The President of the Senate of Florida, Not bill noted that the bill did not become an initiative to the legislature, and was developed on the basis of the recommendations of the working group formed after the tragedy in Parkland. The experts suggested to provide the leadership of each school district more leeway in addressing issues related to security, which was done.

At the same time, Fedrica Ingram, the head of the Florida Education Association, the local teachers ‘ Union, concerned about the prospect that teachers can take on the responsibility, which is not ready. He suggested that it is unlikely that many of them are avid arrow, and added that during the day, any teacher so much that he may forget the weapons unattended and there is no guarantee that it will not be in the hands of excessively curious student.

The latter, incidentally, quite likely since, as shown by the analysis conducted by Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, over the past 5 years in schools due to the negligence occurred at least 74 incidents. For example, one teacher decided to demonstrate safety precautions when handling the weapon and accidentally pulled the trigger, the other gun fell from his belt.

So, as suggested by the head of the consulting firm National School Safety and Security Services Ken trump, such cases may become more if there will be more States and districts where teachers are allowed to carry guns at work. “But so far there are no indications that the superintendents and Directors are eager to use this right” — he added.


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