A new shelter Gerard Depardieu — house by the sea near Minsk

In the summer of 2015 Alexander Lukashenko taught Gerard Depardieu to mow the grass in the traditional way, were treated to Belarusian food and drinks — French actor is so impressed that he declared that wants to live among Belarusian peasants. Four years and wish the stars came true, Lukashenka gave him a plot in the village Loparevich near the Minsk sea on lease for 99 years.

Minsk sea is an artificial body of water 10 kilometers from the Belarusian capital, created in 1956 for flood control in the city. In Loparevich lives about 250 people, there is no production, the house standing almost on the shore. Prestigious village was relatively recently — after they built a house of the famous Belarusian athletes, including the famous biathlete Darya Domracheva, four-time Olympic champion, twice world champion. Although once there was a summer residence of the deceased Mulyavin, the leader and vocalist of the popular “Pesnyary”. It Darya Domracheva and OLE Einar Bjoerndalen (eight-time Olympic champion, twenty times world champion), and mom of athletes will be the neighbors of Gerard Depardieu. “Sports” building raised the price of land and already built homes is the range of 25-30 thousand euros to a million.

Depardieu in Belarus know more, however, “Dads” and “Unlucky” than the roles in the new century, although the movies of Asterix and Obelix were also local rental.

So, what was with Depardieu in Belarus to the station in the village Laprovince. French actor, but with Russian citizenship, six months, as reported to Alexander Lukashenko asked to Belarus. And in the summer of 2015 Lukashenko agreed on his arrival with a combined mowing the fields at the presidential residence. According to Lukashenko, actor, “gasped”, traveling to Belarus.

In 2017 Depardieu arrives again, tasting of the Belarusian champagne — and really praise him, praise meat and milk, it seems, gives permission to use his photo on the packaging of hams, sausages and eponymous vodka. “I’m here today, I’m happy, I love nature, rural landscapes, peace of mind. I like it here, so I’ll be back. Very beautiful women in Belarus, good milk, good meat — all that is necessary for this bull, as I am,” said the actor in an interview to the ONT TV channel.

In 2018, Depardieu is involved in the opening of the music festival “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk. About a village dream the actor spoke after the first visit, in an interview with Le Figaro TV Magazine, he said that he wants to live “in Belarus among the peasants, as it is beautiful, and the President is a good man.”

RFI correspondent visited Loparevich — the road to the village goes through a romantic stay “seaside”, “Youth”, sanatorium and rest houses.

In fact, the Papernyansky selsovet, which for some reason is located in the village Bolshevik, not in the village of Papernya, and which includes Lapatovich, Gerard Depardieu appeared. As stated in the extract from the Unified state register of immovable property, Depardieu allocated land area 0,1500 hectares for the construction and maintenance of single-family houses in the village, the agreement was signed for 99 years, the annual lease cost — 132,96 rubles, or about 60 euros.

What do you think the Belarusian peasants, among whom wants to live actor on the award-winning neighbor and his village?

Marina and her friend, who requested anonymity, the correspondent of RFI were met at the only village shop — the old building, limited selection and almost complete lack of buyers. “Our rich here do not buy anything, Depardieu here, too, is unlikely to come, he is from Minsk will bring”, — says Marina, who lives close to Domracheva, and so, in the near — not far from Gerard.

Marina: Yes, he then just need the land, that he was there… Maybe, indeed, he loves nature, near the sea…

Friend Marina: Yes, there is nowhere to run, there’s no nothing, no production.

Marina: the Plant was some barns were — people worked, and now there… Zaslavl, Minsk, where people can.

Friend: Oh, if only those rich in the house to earn and that’s it.

Marina: Well, they did not take away. But the taxes he would not pay (in France. — RFI), there is a clear case for what it takes, where it takes what it takes.

Friend: But there all their own, native in France — where to go who knows where…

Marina: And he will not trample! Process process — and all! Over in Russia took — so what? What, he lives there? It’s more in Algeria wants him in Algeria is better.

  • The shore of the Minsk sea on a plot of Depardieu
    RFI/ G. Sharipkin

  • The entrance to the plot Depardieu
    RFI/ G. Sharipkin

  • Plot Depardieu
    RFI/ G. Sharipkin

Pensioner John hopes that Depardieu, for example, Olympic champion, will help Loparevich improvement.

Retired John: “Well, Darya Domracheva once built, you can see the asphalt laid here. Well, he’s right next to will beside her. Well, that ennobled the village more or less. It’s a beautiful place. Of course, on the hill — the place is good. He was here a couple of years ago came for the wine and spirits business, wineries visited, and the President met. There is information that he wants to live in the village. Well… I understand he will not be the same with a scythe in the morning, walk there, say, for a plow and more. Just a person is interested, apparently. Well, he’s going a General of France to leave. Well, time will show what and how it happens.”

“To live in the village, it is necessary to love” — with skepticism, says pensioner Maria. And he adds: “Maybe he already came, but in our — the old part — it has not seen.” Retired, like her countrymen, also expects changes for the better with the arrival of the French star.

Maria: “no One is against. God forbid that changed for the better, Central water supply, it would not hurt to have. Well, maybe someday with time and there will be some walking. Because Dasha (Domracheva), for example, constantly makes runs, when with her husband, when alone — they are always running. They are friendly, simple to superb”.

Plot Gerard Depardieu opens directly on the shore of the Minsk sea, but no work there is not yet underway. The workers who build a house near his mother Domracheva, said that over the summer then no one appeared. Renowned Olympians, the most titled world’s top biathletes Darya Domracheva and her husband OLE Einar Bjoerndalen can not wait for the arrival of the owner of the site — the athletes accepted the invitation of Beijing for the preparation of the Chinese national team on biathlon. But building a house mother Domracheva next to the “French section” is in full swing so Depardieu will not feel lonely, unless, of course, find time for a life among the peasants.

Gerard Depardieu started to search new places of residence after the intentions of the French authorities to raise the luxury tax to 75%. 1 Jan 2013 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree granting Depardieu Russian citizenship, in the same month, the actor arrived in Saransk, where the leadership of the Republic of Mordovia was offered an apartment or a private house, at the same time Depardieu has received a rank “the Honourable Udmurt”. The same winter, Depardieu was named an honorary citizen of the Chechen Republic and a five-room apartment in Grozny. In February 2018, the actor said that he plans to settle in Algeria.
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