Heartland supports trump

A survey conducted by the company Change Research commissioned by trade Union The American Federation of Teachers and the organization of One Country is closely related to the former democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota, showed that in the regions of the “rust-belt” and the Great plains, the approval rating of the President is 60% — much more than in the whole country.

Exactly this was in small towns and rural areas of the States of Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

In all of them, except Colorado and Minnesota, trump won in 2016. In addition, in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the Republican candidate for the first time in decades, received the most votes, but in 2020 the Democrats hope to win back their positions.

The survey showed that in rural areas the President has sympathy only 7% of Democrats, but his party 97% of the local Republicans and 51% of independent voters.

In such regions, 55% of respondents sympathize with him personally, and the proportion of those who treated him negatively, is only 40%. For comparison, in the whole country decisions trump, as follows from the analysis conducted by the website RealClearPolitics, approve 43%, disagree 54%.

As has been explained in Change Research, the President’s popularity is highest in North Dakota and Pennsylvania (60%) and lowest in Michigan and Wisconsin (51%). The least his supporters among women and those aged 18-34 years (50%), but more than half of them among men and older generations.

His economic policies endorsed 61% of the residents of such regions, including 55 percent of independent voters. 70%, including 56% of Republicans and 79% of independent, concerned about the decline in business activity, and 59% of all respondents noted that wages “have not kept pace” with the increase in the cost of living.

39% admit that the trade confrontation with China harms small towns, but I think these sacrifices are necessary to restore balance in the long term, 36% called the policy in this field is harmful and called immediately to put an end to it, and 14% did not see the negative consequences.

As for the other problems, for men the most important issues are gun control and combating illegal immigration, and women interested in the situation in health care and illegal immigration.

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