Alternative astrophysics: Solar system rushes to alpha Centauri

Alternative astrophysicists have predicted the globe unpleasant fate. The culprit of the collapse can be alpha Centauri. Also the reason for concern was the presence of vast disparities within our galaxy. It is likely that the hole in the milky Way have reached the extreme limits of the galaxy.

Unfortunately a very big, similar conditions threaten the fact that the Solar system does not remain of anything better than to fly into a star system called alpha Centauri. According to preliminary information, 2021 will be the period of the death of the Sun, Earth and other Solar system objects. In addition, the round of GD-1 noticed some semblance of huge holes. Recent studies also provided an opportunity to establish that the object that is a billion times more massive than the day the heavenly bodies were able to crush the milky Way. The proponents of official science prefer to remain silent on this issue, so it took supporters of alternative currents in research. This publication reports League news Russia.

Conspiracy theorists found out that the Solar system began a rapid movement in the unnatural direction. Engines of this state of Affairs were the clumps of dark matter.

It was noted earlier that planet X has launched the process for the destruction of the Solar system. Initially Nibiru is hiding inside the Sun in order to commit atrocities within our galaxy. Proof of this theory is the presence of a group of cosmic bodies Kreutz Sungrazers. It is likely that the stored energy will cause an explosion, cannot resist the Solar system.

Add that astronomers already know about the potential killer of the Solar system. It is likely that the Magnetar SGR 1900+14 trigger processes, which have become a prerequisite for decomposition of all living beings on the atoms. The indications of attraction of the cosmic body in octillion times deeper similar indicators from the Earth.
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