The end of an era “hawks”

The resignation of John Bolton from his post as White house adviser on national security, many have called unexpected. However, it is not such, and, in fact, has been brewing from the very beginning of his accession to this position.

Bolton is never concealed, what belongs to the Republicans, who, since Ronald Reagan advocated an active role of the United States in resolving foreign policy issues and the use of force, if such a step will be recognized as the only valid way to achieve your goals. He deeply doubts the intentions of Russia and that North Korea is going to do to get rid of nuclear weapons, supports the American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and no against a strike on Iran, which also gives a reason behind the reason.

In turn, Donald trump is not just does not share such views. In particular, he so actively wants to improve relations with Russia, which offered to re-make it in the “Big seven”.

The President is convinced that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN just need to understand and make friends with him, so that eliminated nuclear weapons. In the summer he gave the order for cancellation of air strikes on Iran, and is seeking negotiations with the Taliban leadership to withdraw us troops not only from Syria but also from Afghanistan.

Bolton opposed this, and his disagreement was not just personal. In 1980 he was among the neo-cons, on the side of whom was Ronald Reagan. They were, first and foremost for a strict policy against the Soviet Union and the increasing global role of the United States to protect national interests. Subsequently, Bolton largely ceased to identify himself with this group, but his attitude to the solution of foreign policy issues remained the same.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the conservatives disagreed. And when in 2016, won the trump, he began to popularize the once-fringe idea that the US should not be a “world policeman” that has military bases all over the planet.

Of course, Bolton knew perfectly well about the underlying divergence of views with the President, but, nevertheless, accepted his offer to become national security adviser.

But how severe was his conflict with trump, can be judged by the fact that the President met with Kim Jong-UN, and expressed confidence that North Korea will become nuclear-free, soon after Bolton in a newspaper article outlined the legal and political justification of a preemptive strike on that country if she did not comply with American demands.

Given that the President has, of course, much wider powers than his adviser, it is not surprising that a recent resignation over a clash of opinions between them. “Dove” took over “the hawk” in political life could happen, unlike wildlife. But now I wonder whether there will be predominant for the whole of the Republican party on a course of self-isolation of the United States in the international arena, based on the confidence that the country will best be able to defend their interests, if you will allow everyone else to do anything, until it threatens her own safety…

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