The boy suffered terrible burns from the fire challenge

The boy’s body from the USA is completely covered with burns after his friends set him on fire for “fire challenge”.

Friends of Jason Clearly from Dearborn heights, Michigan, first soak it in liquid varnish remover, and then torched. The incident occurred last Saturday, bringing the child received burns on the chin, chest, and abdomen in the second degree. He was in the hospital for 4 days.

Now his mother Tabatha warns others about the dangers of the viral challenge, in which young men cover themselves with flammable substances and then set fire to.

In an interview with WDIV, she said, “I just want everyone to know that these challenges or what they see on YouTube, not worth it to risk life. My son received second-degree burns, but it could be worse”.

Geplaatst door Tabatha Cleary op Donderdag 3 oktober 2019

TABATA said that he realized that something was wrong when I heard the cries of Jason from the house of his friend nearby. She says: “We ran when his friend Bryce drove his bike without a shirt. I immediately began to panic. I yelled something like “He needs a hospital! He needs a hospital!””

Jason said that the first time they tried out the challenge, his friends put the fire out, but the second time the flames had spread, when they continued to sprinkle it into the liquid for removing nail Polish. He says: “They continued to sprinkle it on me. When my father finally opened the door and said “Go to hospital”, I was still very, very painful”.

At the moment the police are investigating the incident.

Last year another young American was in the ICU after this so-called challenge.

Tamia landers from Detroit, Michigan, suffered serious burns to almost half of the body when he covered himself with alcohol and set on fire. Her mother Brandi told me that her 12 year old daughter ran into the hall, reminding “fireball”.

Talking about what happened Washington Post, she said: “It looked like a fireball. She was screaming “Help me.” I tried to get through the fire. It was a reflex. I didn’t even feel the fire, I just saved his daughter. When they doused it with alcohol and set him on fire, it literally exploded, because it was already flammable substances such as perfume. They never expected anything like this. For them it was just a challenge, and it’s a lesson they all learned”.
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