In the basement of the Vatican, found the skull of a demon with a mysterious sign

In the basement of the Vatican revealed the remains of another old monster age 150 years. This being the supporters of the world conspiracy is credited with all sorts of troubles on the Blue planet. Some experts believe that it is a head genuine demonic creation.

Have not had time to the world community to recover from a controversial incident last year with the skulls in the basements of the Vatican as fumed new details. Have discovered the skull was elongated shape, it was inherent in slusanschi on both sides and bone growths. Moreover, the location of the sockets provided with the opportunity to extend the viewing angle up to 270 degrees. In the demon’s mouth had sharp teeth and huge fangs. A notable attribute was the presence of signs with the number 1880. Conspiracy theorists claim that it could be one of the creatures living in the underworld. This publication reports League news Russia.

Some believe that the demon fault is in the climate Apocalypse on our planet.

First it was noted that the walls of the Vatican announced the birth of a new religion called chrislam. The initiators of the creation of this religious movement were elders from the UAE. Ministers chose the logo for this belief, having reviewed more than fifty options.

In addition, the entire world community was shocked by the incident, during which the preaching of the Pope was accompanied by the collapse of the plaster in the temple. This incident happened when the Pontiff insisted on the absence of hell. After this incident, the service was stopped urgently.
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