The inhabitants of the Earth have predicted the new catastrophe

Жителям Земли предсказали новую катастрофу

Experts from different countries, combined into one study group, stated that the inhabitants of the Earth soon threatened by the onset of mass starvation, according to the publication Science Alert. Due to widespread crop failures caused by the shortage of fertilizers based on phosphorus.

According to the publication, currently, the level of consumption of the element on the planet is so high that its reserves are under the most pessimistic forecasts may be depleted in the next 40 years. As evidence, scientists point out that over the past 50 years, humans began to use 50 times more phosphate fertilizer. This assumes that after 30 years, the demand for them will double.

The problem of the gradual disappearance of the phosphorus on Earth recognizes the international scientific community, but the conservative view points to the inevitable onset disaster no earlier than 400 years. Scientists emphasize that we need to reduce consumption and to develop ways for its reuse. Alternatively, we propose the creation of closed-loop recycling system, which will allow you to apply phosphates to 46 times.

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