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Small entrepreneurs, who cooperate with companies from China, should think over future plans, as economic war with this country, apparently, will be delayed, no matter who becomes the next President. And the proof that such a prospect is quite real, introduced former Congressman and current candidate for the top post Beto O’rourke, Democrat from Texas.

As a categorical opponent of Donald trump, he stated that the President will immediately remove duties on goods from China, which amounts to about $ 500 billion. But O’rourke acknowledged that “targeted fees are a tool, the use of which can sometimes be necessary”.

The politician does not deny that the need to fix the trade imbalance with China, to fight the unfair conditions established for work on the market of this country, and put an end to currency manipulation of the yuan. He just wants to solve these problems a little differently than trump. So, his plan provides, inter alia, establishing appropriate cooperation with the International labour organization and the world trade organization to put pressure on China, including in terms of compliance with environmental regulations.

This does not mean that O’rourke is ready to abandon unilateral action against China, limiting access to American markets, banking and Finance, as well as the prohibition for companies, stealing technology, to invest in the United States and to do business here.

However, he is not the only Democrat that is configured very strongly. All

the candidates of the party expressed concern over the situation in the trading field, and some intend to remain in force and duties continue to implement existing measures of pressure on China.

For example, Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the

favorites of the race, noted as O’rourke that “duties are a part of the strategy for modernization of trade policy”. The latter, according to some experts, will wear in her election as protectionist in nature and that the trump.

Moreover, Warren has developed a list of standards regarding environmental protection, labor and civil rights, the observance of which is a precondition for the conclusion with the United States of any trade agreements. She also urged to revise the agreements already concluded to confirm that the partners comply with these requirements.

And, of course, China in the number of these “trusted partners”

not included.

Like O’rourke, Warren stresses the importance of protecting the environment and workers ‘ rights. But, unlike him, she is ready to act more aggressively, if it turns out that the terms of the agreements violates large corporations, and, most importantly, the whole country. “My administration will develop rules, failure of which would automatically lead to the beginning of the investigation concerning the use of unacceptable methods of doing business, she said. And in the case of the establishment of such facts by the State Department will immediately impose sanctions, which will continue until, until restored equal


For hard line in relations with Beijing and acts as the main opponent of the Warren — former Vice-President Joseph Biden, who drew particular attention to the theft of intellectual property and the use of methods of pressure on foreign companies, and also advocated the creation of a broad coalition to counter the growing power of China.

Another potential winner of the primaries, Senator Bernie Sanders, not the first acts against normalization of relations with this country. Being a staunch protectionist, he does want to end free trade with China and to develop some policy decisions,

which will compel us companies to create jobs in the United States, not abroad. And even if the administration trump and Beijing come to an agreement, the President will have to keep fees as a method of pressure as long as the partners do not prove that fulfill the assumed obligations.

What does all this mean for the small farmer, the owner of the brewery, sewing factory, an online store or dealer parts? If they depend on China as a market or supplier, their long-term plans needed to be revised to refocus on companies from Vietnam, India, the Philippines — from any country with which the US has no conflict in trade.

The confrontation, initiated by trump, only growing, and to keep it ready all, who on other issues is a tough opponent of the President. They understand that when it comes to the economy, us voters (i.e. consumers) have a common enemy. Small business should take this fact into account, and ordinary citizens it is time to prepare for what they will have to pay more for many goods to in turn thereby to contribute to

normalization of international

trade relations.

Gene marks, founder

firm The Marks Group,


small business

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