The boy was stuck by a needle in the Park

The boy’s family said that the child pricked the injection needle while playing on the Playground in the Park in boulder, Colorado. Now his family are warning other parents that they should talk with their children.

Wade Greene says his 4-year-old son was playing with another child when he found the needle. The son of green picked it up and began to play with her. A nanny who looked after him, asked what it was, to which he replied that this is a pH meter.

Family realized that it was really only when the boy brought the needle home and showed his mother.

The family lives near the pediatrician, to which they immediately took the boy. “Examining it later, the doctor noticed 2 needle marks on his arm”, said green. “When it happens to your child, this is heartbreaking”.

At the moment the child has already conducted 2 tests to check if he caught a disease from the needle. He will have to take 2 more surveys, before doctors are confident that he was all right.

It is noted that this is not the first time local people find the needle in the area. “Two days earlier, a neighbor told my wife that they found a needle in the Park East of the Playground, and they will not go there anymore, because I no longer consider this place safe for children”,- said Greene.

In addition, a nanny who looks after his son, also found a needle on the road last weekend.

And at the meeting of the city Council of boulder this week green raised this issue, to inform the local authorities.

Interestingly, the issue was raised that evening, when the local Council heard a presentation about the state program according to which people will give out clean needles. The program the Works Program was launched in 1989 and in the state argue that it was successful.

Now, green explains to his sons the dangers of needles, and encourages other parents to do the same. “We wanted to make sure that parents know what they need to explain to children not to touch needles because we never knew what we need to do it,”says green.

He hopes that bringing attention to this issue will protect the family.
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