The murder of Mikhail Krug: the name of the killer and the details of the terrible events already known

The investigative Committee of Russia officially closed the murder case of a prominent artist Michael Krug, who was shot in his home in 2002.

It is reported that the Investigative Committee has named the killer of singer Michael Krug and revealed all the details of the ill-fated day, according to Liganews with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

Gang member “the Tver wolves” Alexander Ageev has officially admitted the murder of Michael Circle and revealed all the details of the incident.

Ageev has told, that all happened in 2002. According to him, he did not act alone, and with Dmitry Veselov, who was also a member of the gang “the Tver wolves”. That ill-starred evening on and Veselov received an order from Tver crime boss named Crowbar to Rob the housing of the Circle.

Ageev admitted that killing one is not supposed to. In terms of their “superiors” Circle after the theft had to turn to him for help, and he’d “found” the stolen, and the artist would owe him. Authority Lom wanted only to Mikhail Krug had paid him part of the royalties from performances. This, according to Ageeva, was his plan.

However, as we all know, the Circle that night was killed. Ageev admitted that the family of the artist had come home earlier than they expected. According to Ageeva, Veselov surprise double-shot of the artist, and they had to flee from the scene.

It is reported that Scrap died in 2006. But Veselov was killed by his colleague from the gang, Alexander Osipov, who was a good friend Circle. Osipov decided that the only way he can avenge the murder of a friend.

In the end, the Investigative Committee closed the case of murder of the Circle in connection with the death of a suspect Veselov.

As previously reported LigaNews, Mikhail Krug doesn’t deserve this: made an unexpected decision on the case of murder of the artist. Fans of the late actor are outraged by this decision.

It is also known that shortly before the disclosure of the murder of Mikhail Krug on his grave was the Ghost: photo. Netizens can not believe my eyes.
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