Americans urged to prepare for abnormal cold

Climatologists reported that Americans should expect in the near future the all-consuming storm. The above mentioned natural disaster is a devastating event for the entire North American continent. Scientists said that soon expected snow namely height 1500-2000 mm.

Conspiracy theorists called the above incident in a fateful moment in the history of the United States. Also observed some overlap with the prophecy of the world-famous seer Vanga that the two-meter snow is destined to completely block roads and will disable the heating, the inability to find wood for heating private houses, it will be the cause of many deaths. The first harbinger of the collapse was the freezing of Niagara falls, which only after some time melted. To escape from the impending cold mass of local people can help only a true fart. This publication reports League news Russia.

However, the US government urged not to panic.

Previously, experts noted that the coming year will be marked by global cooling. It is in this time period the world will remain in confusion, not knowing what to do with collapsed suddenly cold climate. The reason for such climatic metamorphoses can be called the onset of the solar minimum.

Recall that in the past year climatologists predicted the coldest winter in a decade. Scientists reported that the cooling of the thermosphere of the earth was destined to become a reference point in Earth’s history. Their own conclusions the experts made on the basis of information on the concentration of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides at 300 meters altitude.
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